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Dental Care

Dental care is vital for your pet's health and wellbeing

Good dental health is vital for your pet’s comfort and wellbeing. Dental disease is a very common condition in small animals. Approximately 80% dogs and 70% cats over the age of three have suffered some sort of dental or gum disease. Just as in humans’ dental disease is a painful condition for your pet, but because our pets do not have the same ability to communicate their discomfort, these problems can sometimes go unnoticed. Additionally, an unhealthy mouth can lead to other problems such as bad breath, tooth loss, kidney and liver issues.

At Crescent Veterinary Clinic we recognise the importance of good oral health and have invested heavily in equipment designed to keep your pet’s teeth and gums in optimal condition.  Our equipment includes: 

  • An ultrasonic descaler

  • Air drills

  • Polisher

  • A wide array of hand tools

Dental check-ups are carried out during routine check-ups, but if you are concerned feel free to contact the clinic and book a Dental Health Check for your pet.

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