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Dog Grooming

"Brians Dog Grooming" operates from our Castletroy clinic.

Their staff have been trained to a high standard in all dog breeds. Initial training was done in Almunecar, Spain by well known and competent trainers Perrosi, where the highest standards of dog grooming were achieved, qualifying in dog grooming of all breeds.

On arrival, a free initial assessment before any grooming is carried out on your dog.  This involves an informal chat regarding the temperament of your dog, any lumps,scars etc and any sore points on the body. They will also discuss the type of cut you would like.

After washing and grooming is completed they will contact you to arrange drop off or collection of your pet.

  • Shampoo with flea repellent and drying with blaster especially designed to blast the top coat, undercoat and massage the skin of the dog whilst drying. Removes dead hair and skin, thorns and any small unwanted creatures!
  • After drying, brushed and groomed according to breed or as requested. Ears cleaned and nails clipped.
  • Nails are cut at any time free for clients. Subject to booking.